We appreciate the value of discretion in building and maintaining client relationships. As a rule, we don't disclose information re specific assignments on our website or promotional material. Instead, when in discussions with a potential client, we can provide names and contacts of law firm referees.

To assist those not familiar with Lloyd Michaux, below is a limited sample of our experience:
ICSID Arbitrations
The World Bank has now engaged Lloyd Michaux on several occasions to provide realtime and daily transcription services.

Ken Fleming - Director of Business Development: "The World Bank interviewed the major court reporting firms based in Hong Kong and the selection process was stringent. This included several internal reviews by The World Bank, as well as having its in-house legal team speak with independent referees from several law firms and chambers in order to verify the suitability of the successful candidate.

Our appointment, therefore, carries significant credibility and recognition of the quality of our realtime and daily services and reflects our growing reputation. Lloyd Michaux is now listed by The World Bank as a preferred realtime and daily court reporting services provider in this region."
HKIAC Arbitration
Lloyd Michaux provided realtime and daily court reporting services for an HKIAC administered arbitration involving a leading global investment bank.

Ken Fleming - Director of Business Development: "We had not previously worked with this particular international law firm. It was an important matter involving one of their premier banking clients. In order to gain selection, we were required to not only provide testimonials, but also make a presentation to their client's in-house legal team.

We feel our selection ahead of the incumbent court reporting firm was a significant vote of confidence from both the law firm and their client."
US Depositions: TSMC v SMIC
A large hi-tech IP case between two of the world's largest semiconductor foundries. Lloyd Michaux was retained exclusively by SMIC's lawyers to cover all their Asia depositions. We covered upwards of 60 days of depositions. On a number of occasions, this required the triple tracking of reporters. The terminology was technical in nature. Realtime reporting, as well as daily cleaned-up drafts, were provided to both sides on all depositions. We also provided E-Transcripts, hard copy transcripts, hyperlinked electronic transcripts and video as standard to both sides.
Hong Kong High Court: Akai v Ernst & Young
Akai is Hong Kong's biggest ever corporate collapse, with the liquidators seeking US$1 billion from Ernst & Young. This matter was widely reported in both the local and international media. The case was scheduled to run for approximately seven months in the Hong Kong High Court and was by far the largest court case in Hong Kong for many years.
US Depositions: Certain DC-DC Controllers
A large ITC section 337 investigation involving eight weeks of hi-tech technical depositions with multiple tracking of reporters. We provided realtime reporting, expedited turnaround (five business days) and daily cleaned-up drafts for all depositions. We also provided E-Transcripts, hyperlinked electronic transcripts, hard copy deliverables, video and video synchronization.
US Depositions: Atmel Corporation v NEL Group Ltd, et al
A series of depositions held in Hong Kong and Malaysia. Realtime, cleaned-up daily drafts and video were provided as standard in addition to the normal final deliverables.
Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal
Lloyd Michaux covered the five-day Court of Final Appeal hearing Akai Holdings Limited (In Compulsory Liquidation) v Thanakharn Kasikorn Thai Chamkat (Mahachon). This matter was widely reported in the local business media.
US Depositions: Certain Semiconductor Chips
This hi-tech ITC section 337 investigation required multiple tracking of reporters over many weeks. Realtime reporting and daily cleaned-up drafts were provided to both sides for the duration. Final deliverables included E-Transcripts, hard copy transcripts and hyperlinked electronic transcripts in multiple formats.
US Depositions: Power Integrations v Fairchild Semiconductor
We worked with a leading hi-tech IP law firm. This was the second round of depositions held in Taiwan. Our service included realtime, daily cleaned-up drafts and video.
Hong Kong High Court: Lau King Ting Katie, et al v Cheng Miu Har Stella, et al
This matter involved local identities and was widely reported in the Hong Kong papers. The case was technical in nature, revolving around testimony from forensic handwriting experts.
US Depositions: Applied Materials, Inc v Advanced Micro-Fabrication Equipment (Shanghai), et al
We worked with the Palo Alto office managing partner of a leading international law firm. The depositions were held in Hong Kong and our service included daily drafts, video, E-Transcripts and hard copy deliverables.
US Depositions: Certain CCFL Inverter Circuits
Another hi-tech ITC section 337 investigation, involving numerous depositions in Taiwan and Hong Kong. Realtime, daily cleaned-up drafts, video, E-Transcripts, hyperlinked electronic transcripts and hard copy transcripts were provided. We were engaged by a leading international hi-tech IP law firm.
Hong Kong Copyright Tribunal: California Red Ltd, et al v Music Link Ltd
This hearing was widely reported in the local papers and held before a three member panel of the Hong Kong Copyright Tribunal. California Red was the largest karaoke chain operator in Hong Kong, with substantial international operations. There have been very few of these public hearings held to date.
US Depositions: Certain Short-Wavelength LED
This ITC section 337 investigation was brought by Professor Gertrude Neumark Rothschild against 50 companies including LED, laser diode, electronics and cell phone companies.
US Depositions: AMD v Intel
Lloyd Michaux covered numerous Asian depositions for this matter. We provided realtime and video for all of the depositions.